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Ace Fundamental Investor

Learn how to differentiate between good and bad stocks and how to identify great investment opportunities.

Beginner's Trading Course

Learn to manage your Risk, Capital and Emotions of Greed, Fear, and Anxiety, to become a successful trader.


Price Action Trader

Learn to understand the overall market sentiment and forces of demand and supply to help you take low-risk, high reward and high probability trades.


Mastering F&O

Learn how to trade in Futures and Options with limited downside risk and huge upside profit potential.

Alps Professional Trader & Investor Package

All In One Course

Join Now & Avail An EARLY BIRD Discount!

Our 6-in-1 course package is designed to get you from beginner to professional in an easy, systematic and pragmatic manner. Learn the key concepts, techniques and strategies you will need to master the art and skill of trading and investing.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course on the 1st day, then we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. Conditions Apply*


See what industry experts have to say about our courses

Pawan Kumar Bajpayi

Pawan Kumar Bajpayi

Senior Technical Manager At Technotree Corporation

“Nilesh has deep study and understanding of the stock market. His stock picking skills has helped to build a strong and profitable portfolio. His timely entry and exits have helped to maximize the returns. I believe that education always pays and stock market is the best investment avenue for our financial goals. I am thus keenly looking forward to join the stock training programs with AlpsTrading Academy.”


Pravin Salunke

(PMP) - Manager(PMO) - Nokia

“Nilesh is an independent consultant and trainer having in-depth knowledge of stock market. His interests in this field along with technical analysis expertise have helped and influenced many hands in securing profit while investing in stock market. His keen suggestions in Derivatives Instruments have been very beneficial to me.”

Ram Pitre

Ram Pitre

Ex-Head of Research (Commodities) at Anand Rathi

“The Alps Trading Academy Course is the perfect start to anyone who is interested in trading, with little or even no understanding of the subject. This course gets you all the essentials tohelp you understand how to trade and what mistakes to avoid. The guys at the academy are accessible, helpful & honest. I found the course to be excellent in terms of both content & clarity. I would not recommend anyone to begin trading the markets without first having undertaken their course.”

Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria

Best Selling Author, Successful Entrepreneur & Founder At The Happionaire Way

“ I have always believed investing in knowledge gives the highest returns and that has been the secret of countless people all over the world – from Warren Buffet to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. I would love to do a course in trading to learn more and Alps Trading Academy would be perfect for this as their trading course is taught by people who actually are real world traders. This is a must attend course for anyone wanting to become a stock market trader. ”

Ankita Shah

Ankita Shah

Equity Research Analyst At Batlivala & Karani Securities

“ Mr. Nilesh Bohra’s teaching skills are impeccable which helps in creating a solid foundation and astounding understanding of technical analysis. The course learnings and fruitful discussions have helped me to refine stock picking skills. To add this, he has also been instrumental in designing a balanced portfolio for achieving our future goals. ”

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